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WE ARE FROM SOUTH. WE ARE LOCAL. As Tarzan knows his jungle, we know about all wedding venues on French Riviera. From hidden tiny churches until the most iconic historical monuments, where the world elite ceremonies are held.

Whatever you wish for, we are here to present to you the best wedding venues on the French Riviera at Cannes, Nice, Antibes or Monaco, for your big Day.

There are many possibilities. It is up to your taste, your imagination, your culture, …. to summed it up, it is only up to you.

If you did not decide yet how your wedding venue should look like. It is no problem. We will send you the pictures, the videos from your wedding videographer and if you are coming from abroad, we can organize the video meeting to show you around in live. No worries we are used to going through the whole place two or three times. No, we don’t mind climbing the wall for you to see another perspective of the venue ?

 In case you will please us with your visit, we are going to organize your stay from A to Z and meet you with our vendors. You can taste the food from our caterer, to make a trial for your make-up and hair, to meet with our photographers, etc.

If you are a Natural lover and the lover of the LUXE at the same time, why not a wedding where Nature is enhanced by luxury?  In the middle of the forest where fairy dance, on the private beach where is the most beautiful music in the summit of the sea, in the midst of a lavender whose fragrance will be bound to your day forever or in the middle of the sea on the beautiful boat. Don’t worry, everything is possible.

We must admit being very lucky to live right here on The French Riviera and to have an infinite choice of options.

We believe that our success is in our relationship with the couples. The most important role of the wedding planner is to listen and to be flexible. Together we will choose the place which exactly matches your idea.

We are not going to take all aces out of the sleeve here and now. If you wish to have more information, we will be very pleased if you get in touch with our wedding planner, Katerina. Specializing in international weddings on the French Riviera, Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Antibes… and events.

wedding venues french riviera capestel


Hôtel Cap-Estel

wedding venue villa ephrussi de rothschild


Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

wedding venue domaine mont leuze french riviera


Domaine du Mont Leuze