Katerina is a wedding planner. She takes care from A to Z of the wedding organization in French Riviera, in Provence but also in France and above. With her wedding team of planners she will be dedicaded to make you live a unique wedding. Entrepreneur since a few years she became a reference in her field. Well organized and fully devoted she’ll manage the most magical day of your life in the respect of your expectations. Her experience & her background in this industry will assure you the best level of prestations and also the amazing ideas for your weeding celebration.

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 Wedding planner service French Riviera, Provence, France

You have to cross the Atlantic and reach the United States to hear about the first time the concept of wedding planner. In the country of Uncle Sam, where service activities are much more advanced than in France, about 80% of marriages are organized by professional enterprises. As you should know we aslo call them « wedding consultant ». In France, the activity of wedding planner or wedding organizer made his first appearances twenty years ago. Today, about 4% of marriages are organized by a professional. However, this number tends to increase and a French Riviera wedding, Provence wedding service is increasingly sought after. This type of service responds to a real request of the bride and groom who do not necessarily have enough time to organize their ceremony.

wedding planner french riviera, provence, france

From the welcoming of your guests to the religious celebration passing by « le vin d’honneur » ending this magical day by the diner. She will assure you that all the details will be handled. By giving your trust to Katerina & her team you’ll be guarantee to live a luxury wedding as you dreamt of it.

Find a wedding planner in French Riviera and Provence


The Wedd’ink website offers the services of a professional wedding planner. Your wedding planner offers you to describe your wishes, tell your story, explain your passions and propose solutions. But in the last word, it’s who you have. He accompanies you to concretize the way to organize your wedding event in all discretion. Throughout the process of organizing your wedding French Riviera, you can quickly and easily get in touch with him by SMS, phone or email. You can also plan with him one or two meetings a month to take stock of what needs to be done and done.

What is the price for a wedding organization benefit?


The wedding planner Provence offers to the bride and groom a commercial contract which mentions a provisional budget. The rate range of the services is difficult to estimate because of the variation of the tariffs according to the requests. For example, it is easy to understand that a luxury wedding with high-end amenities (prestige car rental, luxurious banquet hall, number of important guests) will come at a much more expensive price than a small wedding between friends. But there is no exclusion and your wedding planner Provence is at your service to organize the wedding of your dreams.